Monday, 21 October 2013

The book of Aquarius

You are about to learn the biggest secret mankind has on offer!
Be blessed with it for it will change the way we see the world.

Ultimate Cognition!

The past 6000 years have sure been an odyssey for you as a humanity. This linear illusion that you as gods of your own world have created has run out of vision due to the lack of wisdom in its conception. You stand at the brink of a big change which is evident in many events happening around the world at present. There are many opinions creating so much confusion. You will not find correct answers through mainstream media. Instead, you will only find opinions of the ill-informed meant to mislead you as far from the truth as possible.

There is however only one truth!

In passing through into the Age of Aquarius, as you are doing right now, you cross the Sun’s equatorial plane. This is a plane formed where the North and South Poles of the Sun’s magnetic fields meet. That means Earth will change polarity, and there will be many deaths from diseases, earth quakes, cyclones, tsunamis and meteorites: read the last book of The Bible for more details. The “Elite” have built their bunkers for this purpose in order for them to survive and become the new race/kind of this planet. Their plan is to eradicate YOU in the shortest possible time or simply en-slave those who survive. Be that as it may, it’s just a matter of time before they themselves are eradicated from the face of this planet, never to return again.
There is nothing more We have to say that has not been published in either, the book and the blogs. If these do not make you realize that everything as you know will come to an abrupt end shortly, then nothing will, and you are dead already. The day and hour no one knows, only God (Matthew 24:36, Mark 13:32), but the month of December 2015 is a given as that is the highest point. All the writings of End times are on the wall. This is the time where only the strong and most adaptable will survive. Becoming self-sufficient is of vital importance and consuming natural food sorts even more so. All GMO food already carries poison genes, and you need to stay away from them as they are a stealth weapon already in action! It is also important to stock up on natural seed and have information available. The net will not exist; remember.

Farmers have to consider planting hemp/spelt wheat crops to overcome food shortages and destroy all GMO seed and plant by incinerating them. The cities will be the worst hit, and there will be anarchy. The “Elite” are getting ready to retire to their bunkers now. Their corrupt economy will collapse, and when this happens, it will bleed into the rest of the world in no time. They are able to survive there for 30 years if need be. NASA is also part of this clan, and they only have bullshit, they know nothing of what matters to humanity. It is of vital importance to shut down all nuclear power plants and make them safe for this period. At least nuclear waste will not spoil what may be left after.

If God was not removed from your societies, you would have known all of these things. STOP supporting your churches spiritually and educate yourself about constantinian religion.

From what the newly described planetary precession tells, it’s hard to say exactly how it will take place. Our secondary orbit, the tumble, is causing Earth to enter and exit our attracting field, submerging deeper into it. December/January being the highest point of the secondary orbit. Logically thinking, the polarity flip will only happen once we exceed the halfway mark with Earth’s Equator; this is an invisible energy, so it’s hard to tell. Stop being so gullible about Nibiru, Sun flipping His energy and other planets/comets. This is part of Earth's cycle and She has been proven to flip polarity around every 10500 carbon years.

All this may be depressing, but I assure you that you would want to be alive after this ordeal. The Age of Aquarius awaits, where gold and silver are just metals used to pave the streets. The age where no money is needed and everyone is wealthy beyond count. Wisdom is the only leader other than the King and everyone is an Ally. A place where there is no war nor sorrow and everyone has longevity.
Katie and I have published Where to from Here, Cognition. It is the Book described in Revelation 10  and also includes a full explanation of Revelation. This was partly made possible by the reappearance of the “Philosopher’s Stone  which was Our final missing link. 

It is too late for you to be thinking of this as a solution if you have not started manufacturing yet; at least now you know how I walked on water as Yahshuah/Jesus, how the Israelites stayed alive for 40 years in desert and also how I was resurrected. 

There is no more time left for religious disputes because you should be standing together as potential survivors. There is only one Messiah and basically three of you. How do you anticipate handling that little technicality; the same as before? (1 Peter 1:9)

Andre & Katarina

Book of Aquarius

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  1. I have no difficulty accepting your ^above^ information. I studied Sitchin's works [as many others have] in the 1980's, That said, your claim, "... at least now you know how I walked on water as Yahshuah/Jesus, how the Israelites stayed alive for 40 years in desert and also how I was resurrected", is an example of what might likely conflict with those who might come upon this blog to read. Why? Because of so-called prophecy re: an antichristed one, claiming to be messiah. I will align, though, in that it is better to KNOW, than to place a faith in belief systems of lies. Know thySELF means everything!

  2. Its not very difficult to attach prophecy to me, the difficulty is finding someone open enough to see it. So, do not judge Me but rather My work and if you find my work not of God, you may judge Me.