Monday, 28 January 2013

The start of freedom

I am the author of Where to from Here. A book about the humanity, our problems and ignorance. I started research in 1999 and published the first edition in 2011 yet the search for answers did not end there. I needed more proof of the concept I became compelled to reveal to humanity. The magnitude of this concept is huge yet simple but difficult to comprehend due to three-dimensional imprisonment.

I had to rid myself of every doctrine I have ever been exposed to in my life to be able to see the truth that was laid openly before our eyes all along. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius is merely the start of a new cosmic month of a Great Year, much the same as the beginning of July for that matter, only on a much larger scale.

I was lucky to have had the guidance of many a wise and respected men over the past 3000 years. Their legacies and devotion towards the freedom of the human race has been grossly misunderstood however. Nikola Tesla said; ‘If you only knew the magnificence of three, six and nine, you will have the keys to the universe’. I guess this is partly what he meant and a good starting point for us all, difficult as it may seem to you right now. A layout of this has been published in both the revised edition of the book and on the blog

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest financial institution and also the founder of the Christian Religion. They have more than 1,5 billion followers as the creators of Christianity yet their connection to the illuminate and capitalism is undeniable. They are also the biggest single standing religious group that represents religion as a whole. Grounds for a lawsuit against the Pope for crimes against humanity is based on Proverbs 1; 7. It is evident that all religions are using ‘the fear of God’ to maintain control over their loyal subjects yet not preaching the true essence of God whom they claim to be in contact with. I will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that they are not spreading the correct message they were supposed to from the start. I will also prove that the book they worship has nothing to do with religion what so ever and that they derived a religion from it that has enslaved humanity in prudence. The book is rather an astrological guide and a Family Tree record.

In the same breath I feel it is important to strike while the iron is hot and as a start to addressing the huge governance problems we are faced with in most countries in the world. In a rural speech recently our president, Mr. Jacob Zuma told his people that they must not adopt the white man’s ways. I guess in many ways I agree with him fully, however, I cannot agree with the lie that he is living as a leader. For a man to stand in front of his nation professing one thing yet following another is false. His attraction to money that is evident from his massive budget of R400M personal expenses per annum is a very far cry from not living like the ‘white man’. The fact that capitalism, greed and racism is evident in everything he is about, shows that he does not have his people at heart. The traits of a true leader are not selfish and do not include personal gain whatsoever. He was not elected for his wisdom pertaining to humanity but rather for his ego and charm. The fact that he has not realized the truth about humanity is proof of that. His prejudice towards fellow leaders and his misleading statements are grounds for a lawsuit of crimes against his people. However, Mr. Zuma as a man, I have no personal vendetta against, he is merely just a pawn, a means to a catastrophic end so to speak and an example to the rest of the world.

For the third lawsuit of crimes against humanity, it will have to be the medical industry. In this lawsuit, I will prove to humanity that the medical industry is about wealth and not health. I will also prove that the medical industry keeps people in ignorance about their life styles to keep them just well enough to keep them coming back. The medical industry has been developed over many years on the basis of ever increasing sick people as a result of processed chemicals. Doctors prescribe drugs at the drop of a hat and rely on antibiotics for most of their cures instead of getting to the root of all causes and educating the people about their bad habits. Their doctrine being based on chemicals, process and temporary cure that enslaves the human race.

Finally yet importantly, I would like to pay tribute to Nikola Tesla to salute him for almost giving humanity free energy. His efforts and dedication made a poor man of him although his motive was pure and focused on creating a better world for all. The fact that his funds were revoked because electrical companies realized that he was going to put them out of a very large endless financial gain and the bad service we are receiving today are grounds for crimes against humanity. Eskom, our local electrical supplier has been billing people randomly calling it updating of accounts and people have just been paying because they are ignorant, myself almost being a victim of such a scam a second time.

The Age of Aquarius is described as the age of peace and it is up to us to make it so. This is a starting point to the freedom of the humanity, and it is going to take a lot of support, compassion and understanding. Remember, there is strength in unity, and every man naturally governs himself in a free world.

Andre M. Slade 

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