Friday, 19 April 2013

HACK THIS: Christians are hypocrites

It is said that the sheep always come home
When Rothschild founded the Federal banking system on 11-9-1666 with his team of 12 friends aptly named the enlightened ones (Illuminati), they introduced into banking a commission system today known as interest (Old English usury: practice of lending money at interest). The “Jews” were not prohibited by their faith to charge interest to their fellow man, whereas in “Christianity” it is strictly forbidden to have any part thereof according to their rules of conduct. In fact, it is mentioned in Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Psalms and Ezekiel in detail.

Interestingly enough, it is also prohibited by the Muslim faith. It is one of the basic rules of these religious doctrines. That would make those who practice these Religions hypocrites, amounting to around 4.5 billion of this planet’s occupants. That would mean that majority of you are blindly following the same greed that is evident in the “Jewish” faith, defying your roots. They have become your gods at present, and everyone follows like sheep. That would then make the federal banking system the highest authority today, and that is evident by the power they have over every aspect of humanity. Their ability to simply create money when it is needed makes them the Gods of wealth, and you worship them to the extent that you are trying to become them.
Insurance companies are taking a premium from you, investing it in a system that cannot be cashed in, only sold, then paying out from the interest, and there is no saying whether they create crime or not to fuel it. Listed companies (from Late Latin companionem: literally bread fellow, messmate) sell shares they never have to be responsible for ever again because if the company goes down, the shareholders, you, are at the losing end. Government Bonds only work as long as there are enough in the market, making you greedy for its growth, when it really does not exist. The world is illusioned by stocks and bonds, which create a false perception of value and are really just a global method of gambling that anybody is allowed to indulge in. But in reality there is always someone who will lose. When thinking of world karma, I cannot help but wonder why the “Jews” have not found peace and why it was said that the East will rule the West. At the end of it all, you have built what is on this planet right now with money that was originally created as a barter system (real value) really. That would then mean that it is still there, but due to the sheer size of the human race and the fact that it is owned by the top 4% of so-called wealthy people, it is in short supply. It may as well not be there for 96% of the world.

Tesla invented the doorway (internet), possibly because he was fed up with a system that screwed him then already, and now it seems the only way to solving all the problems. I receive so many petitions, and they are all addressing sizable problems that humanity is encountering at present to the extent that people are becoming rebellious. Whether or not they work is questionable judging by the amount of Rhino we lost this year. It seems these days that the world is in turmoil to feed the greed of the top 4%. The petition against Monsanto for taking control of international farming showed an amazing response which means people are waking up to the fact that they have no say, not even in the food they consume. Monsanto, however, is just another drop in the bucket of dictatorships; if one goes down, there will simply just be the next to take its place, proving how gullible the humanity has become.

The Popes and churches have proven to be a dead-end because of their bad karma that has caught up with them. Amazing how illusioned yet loyal their followers still remain. It also seems that the Vatican faces inevitable liquidation, so I was wondering what will happen to all that wealth and how will it be redistributed amongst the people it was originally stolen from. The USA’s stock of money (physical) is estimated to be about 8.6 Trillion Dollars, and the Catholic Church is the second wealthiest thereafter. If anyone has that kind of money to buy it, he would simply become the next potential dictator who wants to control the world. Then there are the “Christians”, who have been following a dictatorship that has never given them anything concrete. This doctrine has been taught in military style for the past 2000 years to keep their loyal subjects in the fear of God contrary to what they are told in Proverbs 1:7. They are in fact the fools who despise wisdom and knowledge, but they will not know that because they are only taught from the New Testament for that reason. On the opposite side we have the Muslims, who have become so militaristic about their Allah that they are willing to take on the world in his defence, and there is no shortage of wealth to do so either. For now they together with the Chinese are infiltrating the world with purpose it seems, judging by the way they are multiplying. And at the base of it all sits interest: neatly tucked away as the culprit to all evil. Taking into account that 90% of the world’s population is living around the breadline.

It made me think that now was a good time to hack the system that has enslaved us to the extent that even followers of the great book are oblivious to its warnings regarding exactly that. In fact a system that everyone is trying to protect at all cost with no reciprocation. The beast described as 666 in the Bible, the Illuminati.

Darwin’s theory of evolution is not “survival of the fittest” contrary to popular belief. The original statement was “survival of the most adaptable”.

We are living in a time where everything is computer-based figures and cash is not used as often by most of us. A system like that has flaws and from time to time you hear about it being hacked. I am also sure that there are many who are capable of doing so with the correct motivation. I am also aware of the fact that the CIA hack into our personal computers as well, so whatever blows your hair back, have fun; in my transparent world, there is nothing to hide.

Here’s the challenge. Read the Neanderthal blog and/or the book, and if you can comprehend what has been revealed there and you agree, then simply stay in touch. All hackers, CIA members and spies are welcome to contact me. I am looking for a team of 12 individuals to work this project with me. We will then publish the trigger process on our Face Book walls and my book page the day we are ready. Basically it involves the withdrawal of all funds from any of your personal bank accounts. We will then keep this monitored for 3 days to give everyone who is interested in complying a chance to withdraw the maximum amount of funds from any of their accounts. Bear in mind though that the funds can be banked again 72 hours thereafter, so there is no real danger in case you are sceptical. You will lose nothing but interest. The moment the withdrawal happens, our virus will credit that account that showed a total withdrawal with the amount that was drawn, and automatically add a couple of zeros to that amount. Thereafter, it will modify all your banking records and then block the banks from correcting the problem for 24 hours, but, really, who knows how long it will take them because our tracks will be cleared. During this time, you may spend what is there on what you want, and you cannot be held responsible for it because as an inhabitant of planet Earth, it will be rightfully yours, no matter whether it exists or not: none of it does anyway. You do not even have to pay your debt because in theory it is mostly interest and also does not exist. I would however suggest that you sell your stocks and bonds as soon as possible as they will become worthless when the system balances out. When the ordeal is over after 96 hours, I will be arrested with a smile on my face, the banking system will be evened out and the monetary system divided amongst the people who have complied. They may decide what they would like to do with that money.

Eventually a new system will be put in place that will free up every person on this planet to become who they were meant to be from the start. No interest will ever be charged again. Our banking system as it is now will need some minor adjustments, but, most of all, the money that is in your hands will have value again. From then on, no one has to earn their right to be here any longer. We all own a share of what is here, and it should be distributed between the people. No one should have to work for a salary or a boss ever again because they will be able to survive. You may think that this is a very na├»ve approach, but fact is that all that is here now had to be created as a result of world’s population explosion, the curse of the woman as a result of the forbidden fruit. Need I also remind you that man’s curse was to work for what he owns? Thereafter the world will be run with symbiosis, just as nature intended it from the start. An international monetary system that is divided amongst the people who will live largely as an Ubuntu community in peace. If you want to spend what you get on alcohol and drugs, then it is your choice too. If you do not fit into your community, you may leave for Sodom and Gomorrah, where there will be many as yourself. Survival of the most adaptable and our next step in human evolution.

From then on, there will be no prudent governing body that will be able to gain control ever again as true wisdom will be realized by many of the people, who will then become the leaders. The wisdom that is taught in the book of Proverbs that no one understood. From then on, we take care of things when and where it is needed. No one can complain about roads not being correct or water not being supplied or sewerage not being taken care of or even children that need feeding due to poverty. If you have too many and cannot make ends meet, then it is your problem. It will be up to each and every individual to make the system work. The world population as it is now is where we start from, and when it reduces naturally, it will simply mean that individuals will eventually have more, not that that will be their driving force any longer. Crime will be something of the past, but when it comes up, it will be dealt with severely or as the community sees fit. Doctrine will be no more, and schools will be driven by passion. Soon humanity will know and understand that interest was the root to all evil and it made their lives incredibly complicated and miserable. Soon humanity will realize what the great book has been telling them all along. For now, just believe as you have always done; only this time, just in what the book says.

If you are at all interested in what the New World Order rules are, this site lays them out pretty well, but in my opinion I am a free man. Earth will become jail and all this as result of the forbidden fruit! These rules were derived from Proverbs in the Bible and you are warned against them being conceived in prudence.


Andre & Katie

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Friday, 12 April 2013

Just believe, never question.

A world in desperate need

A world in desperate need

Unless you as a human race know where you come from, you will never know where you are going. In a journey that took me 15 years of my life I have come up with some logical answers to the many questions that had followed me since I was able to think logically. I was recently approached by a local high school to teach final year Science. Katie and I visited the school to meet the kids and their teacher. The principal describes their comprehension as being dismal; the pass rate is around 10%. During Our visit, We became aware of certain factors that could have an influence on this. 
Above and beyond the fact that I believe schools are the biggest part of the human brainwash where doctrines are installed and should be abolished, I was amazed to see more than 70% of the children were girls. This subject is compulsory, and the teacher has no means of demonstrating any of the lessons; in fact the classroom only has a black board and seating. These poor Zulu kids in their primitive minds have to remember everything, no wonder. While visiting, Katie saw the kitchen, where some kids queued for lunch. They had their own plates, and We saw them walking away with their government-sponsored plate of food (from Old English foda: food, nourishment; fuel) for the day. We asked the principal about it, and he explained that for some of them it is all they get, being as poor as they are. It consisted of Maize (GMO) and soya (GMO) beans; their plates were filled to the brim. We could not help but mention the fact that they would want to go to sleep after a meal like that let alone the fact that the genetically altered Monsanto maize and soy had its effect on their brains, and their concentration would be greatly affected. Sadly though, these Zulu kids form part of the future of this country and it was not even their choice to be here. I cannot help but wonder when I think of their roots as an indigenous native African tribe how their natural path would have evolved if the so-called western culture had never interfered with theirs.

Why do you do this and what is your aim? Why do so many of you have this uncanny urge to help others, however you always seem to make it worse? What follows is a spontaneous short description based on the subjects I have researched makes the most sense to me at this point.

About 200 000 years ago, there was a peaceful race living on this planet in small tribes. They had a primitive monetary system that was used for bartering and some credit as a reserve. They were honorable and had no greed. They also had no desire to control one another or even own everything. The world was their home: they could go where they wanted; food was plentiful, and they were free. Meeting up with other tribes was mostly peaceful. They all had brown eyes and were basically the same breed of animal with minor deviations much like the variation amongst chimps. They were at the top of the food chain and respected the fact. But then it all changed ...

Two alien races arrived on this planet and copulated with them, giving birth to two additional variations of the basic animal. Some with blue eyes and some with green eyes. The result was an increase in brain size from 700g to 1.2kg and increased intelligence. This hybrid race developed into a superior mammal that took charge of the world, subconsciously searching for their true identity, creating many theories, resulting in ultimate confusion, which still prevails. The first of the alien race was a race known in the cosmos as a hostile race, so to maintain cosmic peace, the second race had no choice but to interfere by introducing a breed of peace keepers to keep the balance. To guide their creations these now “Gods” gave them a book intended to help them through their three dimensional phase of evolution they encounter during the Age of Pisces. A part of their cycle that proved to be the ultimate stumbling block during every Great Year since their conception. (The correct in-detail explanation of creation of humanity is published in Where to from Here, Cognition)

The book bears a secret that was unfortunately figured out by the wrong side; I believe them to be the Monarchy at present. They used it to gain control of humanity instead of sharing it, as it was meant to be, thus keeping the true recipients from finding their true individuality and follow their destiny. Since the conception of these two races, there have been about 6 mass destructions to this planet wiping out the human race almost to extinction. It took them the best part of 12960 years to recover only to arrive at the point again where they habitually indulge in religious control and earthly possession.

The peaceful race remain in exile as three-dimensional creatures together with their now colleagues until the next mass destruction that will hit this planet in 12960 years from now at the start of the Age of Leo. Ironically, the book that was intended to guide the blue-eyed race created a concept that has enslaved them to such extent that they will always be looking externally for something that’s been inside all along, the safest place to hide such an amazing gift. On one side, their earthly connection with the animal kingdom, where their dimensionality is maintained by doctrines, the food they eat and their addictions to process and possessions. On the opposite side, a book that was created to make them aware of the fourth dimension. The dimension that is needed as the stepping stone into the Fifth dimension, where a different life awaits: the life they were supposed to find from the start. The elevation from the animal kingdom to the godly state, where intuition is the only god you have. Imagine a world that does not understand the concept of a ruler or a king. A world that is in perfect balance because the inhabitants respect it for a very good reason.

In the meantime, they have become complacent with this way of life in three dimensions; crime does not seem to bug them much any longer. They are at peace with the perceived fact that they cannot change anything. They tolerate all the control, even from two-dimensional creatures, purely to avoid conflict. They are truly a peaceful race that has submitted and given up, given up on their God-given right to truly be at peace in exchange for this false perception thereof.

This illusion has to be shattered, and there is only one way of doing so. You were taught how to believe and never question too much. Belief is so strong that even atheists who fight the concept are engulfed by it: if they weren't, they would not be fighting it. Only problem though is it has blinded humanity from seeing a more accurate or correct version of their current 2000-year-old beliefs, doing exactly what their book predicted they would. It has become time, however, to realize that sins are what only you can forgive yourself for. Having gone down this road as far as you have is the primary sin the great book warns against. There is no real right or wrong: they are mere perceptions judged by where you are on the ladder of dimensionality. If earthly possession cannot be overcome, there is only one thing to do. Remove the root of all evil and the ones who created and control it. Thereafter, it will be about believing in humanity and the right things again, for a well-deserved change.

So this is the plan!

Slade & Katie

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Monday, 1 April 2013

The religion phenomena, a confused race.

To the confused human race

 To the confused human race.

Who are these pale faces who invaded every continent on this once peaceful planet to create utter havoc among natives, who for ages lived in harmony with nature, bringing with them a God only described in a book, that has been forced down their throats changing their blissful existence to nothing short of genocide?

If you were created by a God as his ultimate creation, then what was his motivation for doing so?

Was it His intention to create “man in His image” to introduce a monetary system to enslave every single human being on the face of this planet with? What kind of God would create a creature that seems compelled to categorize (from Greek kategoria: accusation, prediction) and own every part of what could be explored and then mess with its once perfect genetic structure trying to improve His work? What kind of God would create a seemingly noble race, elevate them above all others, call them the tribe of Israel, give them a metaphysical holy book that is difficult to understand, yet it gave them special privileges that made them superior to everything that was already in existence long before them?

Why is it that there is so much confusion wherever they have interfered? Why do they never question anything? Will they ever see the ultimate goal while they are so busy trying to survive in this system they have created that has proven itself both cumbersome and totally without purpose? A system that is bursting at the seams to say the least, yet it keeps on growing out of proportion with no end in sight. Was it His intention to create horny little creatures who just want to procreate and fill every available space that is habitable, and then come up with jobs (Late English job: to cheat, betray) for them all?

Somehow I don’t think so! Somehow I get the impression that the human “race” has become a race for space or is that perhaps lost in space? It seems they have lost the plot!

The sudden growth of the human “race” in the last 300 years has caused incredible confusion that is evident in your diets and lifestyles. There is no person alive who has an answer to your diverse dietary needs. There are so many varied opinions with regard to what you should and should not eat. Some say that the O-type blood group are hunters and should have meat. But in hindsight this group makes up 70 percent of the world’s population. Obesity is a very real problem adding about 1 Billion in body weight to the planet, and meat is largely to blame.
Then there is the philosophy based on what to eat according to the planetary alignment stating things like not having milk after certain time etc. You are the only species on this planet that consumes milk into adulthood, and you are totally tolerant of the negative effects on your bodies (only 30% of humanity can drink it). Then of course there is your biggest issue at present. Your hurried/stressed lifestyles have created a need to preserve and in the process of doing so, you have created a monster (disease/illness) that is expanding a very lucrative medical industry at an alarming rate creating more artificial solutions that just adds to the confusion.

Then there is the guidance from the Bible, which no one seems to pay any attention to, although they falsely worship it on most Sundays when it suits them. Incidentally they make up more than half of the world’s population adding to about 4.5 Billion people with more than 350 different interpretations or sects derived from one concept that was incorrect from the start. It has dietary rules, but they do not follow them, and now it seems that they have become dumb because they cannot see their mistakes. If that is not ultimate confusion, then I never got it.

On top of all this confusion it is believed by these “superior” beings who like to call themselves reborn Christians that the human race is a mere 6000 years old. While fossilized human footprints found together with dinosaur prints and Homo-sapiens skeletons millions of years old are found. If the human race was created 6000 years ago, then who taught them to farm, who taught them to cook and where did domestic animals come from? Who wrote the first part of the Old Testament, and if it were God’s creations, then who taught them to write? What was His purpose for creating the Natives in the first place? Was it for the pale faces to have a problem with? I don’t think so!

I sometimes get told that God Himself was here to teach and that He regularly came down from heaven; what worries me about that statement is that if that was so, then why does He not do that any longer? Why did He stop; is He dead? Did He forget them or is He pissed off and left them to their own demise? After all, the book states that one day to Him is a thousand years to you. It also states that He would be back, pointing to reincarnation; that causes even more confusion. They are now hoping for a miracle baby to be born in some obscure way. Yet, through all their wicked ways, if they were faced with a “holy man”, they would not even know what to look for to recognize such a being.

I often get told just to believe and be at peace, but I cannot just simply accept when I look around me and see the jails you have created for yourselves and the suffering that so many have to endure. Life on this planet is not easy to say the least. Then, when I look at what the books are telling, I see a magnificent life very different to the one you are living right now. In fact, I see only the warnings as the great book has so significantly laid them out for us; I wonder why no one, not even the religions of the world, has not taken the time to understand them. Is it because there is no time for that any longer in this race to survive, to make it big, to make enough money for all the nice things it can buy? 
The results of blindly plummeting forward with no purpose, waiting for something that could have happened already, will lead to catastrophe. As the rest of the world realizes that overpopulation is their main problem, they will have less children. 

The result of that will gradually reduce job opportunities causing more unemployment as demand reduces. This in turn will cause an increase in the crime rate as many people will become desperate to survive, especially in the cities. It will make people realize how much they depend on a monetary system which in fact is an illusion. People will realize that the drive for survival is more important than possessions and that the city holds fewer possibilities. This will result in high-tech communities developing all over that take care of themselves in every way. As the population reduces even further, the world will get better and harmony will be restored. All this could take at the very least one generation, and the signs are already significantly visible. Unless … !

Slade & Katie

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