Monday, 18 February 2013

The Papal Infallibility farce!

Some facts about the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and your enslavement

In this modern age of information, it is hard to believe that such extreme ignorance even at the highest levels still exists on this planet. Be that as result of a condition known as Stockholm syndrome  that is evident in religious people or simply just a total disinterest in matters that affect every single person alive. The attitude, it seems, being that we cannot change these things so why bother.
A lawsuit of crimes against humanity against the Pope is not in vain, especially now that he has resigned and humanity is looking for answers. He is but a pawn in the big picture and was merely the responsible person as will be the next one. This suit/petition is not aimed at him but rather at the church/religion as such.

To give but a few examples; In the case against him at present he is being accused for the cover-up and protection of representatives of the RCC who sexually assaulted and molested 50 000 young boys. His acknowledgement thereof was simply that in his day it was acceptable. But there is a lot more you may not realize and when I made the statement that was about wealth, this is what I was saying.

The Vatican hazards enormous financial reserves on Wall Street. External Vatican financial reserves are concentrated mainly on Stock exchanges. Altogether, the total ownership of the church headquarters in shares and other equity participation is estimated to more than 100 billion Euros. Churches are still the largest private landowners in Europe and certainly in the world with gold stuck on the ceilings of many churches and altars, and monstrances are gold laminated, which supposedly keeps the “holiest”. (not very humble by Jesus teachings). The sale of blessings, titles, audience and many other  ungodly practices still increases the wealth of the Vatican.

In their quest to “save souls” 90% of the total Indian population at the time of Columbus inhabiting this part of the country fell as victims to the genocide led by Catholic missionaries. These were peaceful people and today they are banished into reserves.

In Ireland the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) was running a laundry service that used women, some innocent but desolate, some prostitutes and some even just because they were beautiful. The Magdalene laundries were named after Mary Magdalene who was said to have been a prostitute who was forgiven her sins and became one of Jesus’ best followers.  Also known as the Magdalene asylums these women had no chance of being forgiven for their so-called sins and no chance of escape either. They were used to do the laundry for hotels and government institutions. Although spread around, the worst of these asylums were in Ireland where 30 000 women were institutionalized. Testimonies from some of these women are horrific to say the least and the ones to blame were sisters and priests.

During the Second World War, the gold that was looted from victims was stored in the Vatican to hide it away from the world. In 1952 it was declared the second biggest golden treasure after the USA. This is what the church stole from your grandparents. The Pope at the time was Pope Pius XII or Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni known as Pacelli, who was a proven racist against Jews, Christians, Gypsies and Blacks and a friend of Hitler’s. Pacelli was elected Pope Pius XII in 1939 after the sudden death of Pius XI. It was speculated that he was assassinated because he reprimanded and opposed Hitler. Pacelli spent many years as Arch Bishop for Germany. On his election, Pope Pius XII surrounded himself with Jesuits and international clergy, in a break from the traditional Italian control. He employed German and Dutch Jesuit advisors, Robert Leiber, Augustin Bea, and Sebastian Tromp. He also supported the elevation of Americans such as Francis Spellman from a minor to a major role in the Church. This is where it gets interesting. The Illuminate was responsible for Hitler’s elevation in politics.

Here is a quote written by David Icke that came up in our research:

“Guy de Rothschild, of the French House, heads this bloodline dynasty today (Illuminati). He is one of the most grotesque exponents of trauma-based mind control, indeed the top man according to many of those who have suffered mercilessly under his torture. I am always loath to use the world evil, but if evil is the reverse of live, Guy de Rothschild is thoroughly evil. He stands for the opposite of life. He has been personally responsible for the torture and death of millions of children and adults, either directly or through those he controls. He conducts satanic rituals, as all these bloodlines have always done, and goodness knows how many human sacrifices he has been involved in.

If what I am saying is wrong, Guy de Rothschild, then take me to court and lets reveal the evidence. You are a multi-billionaire and you control the courts and the media. I have next to nothing. I should, therefore, be a pushover. So come on, Mr. Rothschild, lets have you. Lets take these claims into the public arena and have you and me in the witness box. Make my day”. 

The Roman numerals 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 make up the basis of our monetary denominations. The Roman Catholic Church was the founder of religion and the Satan described in the Bible has the number 666, the value of all the Roman numerals added together and also the number given to a man (Revelation 13:18. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.). It may also be interesting to add that Satan is described as a fallen angel of God.

In closing I would like to ask; If the founders of religion have these ties and attitudes towards humanity how can the God they keep you in fear of even be real or a good God unless they are not telling you the real story. The book they used and you “know” holds the key and it has been sitting under your noses for 2000 years. Open your eyes as it has been telling you to do. This is a master plan conceived by Meyer Amschel Rothschild on 11/09/1666 together with 12 of his friends and only your awakening can stop it.

Slade & Katie

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Why the Pope!

From the scriptures of Judas, it is evident that he was the only one of the 12 disciples who fully understood the message that Jesus tried to deliver. Incidentally, a message that followed Jesus from his royal bloodline as direct descendant of King David and a very difficult one to explain. After Jesus was crucified, the disciples went on by writing their versions of what they had learned and perceived from him. The book of Judas was found some years later but never included in the Bible for obvious reasons. This, however was the choice of those who eventually founded the Catholic Church and built a religion on incomplete information. From a destiny point of view, that needed to be so. A mindset had to be maintained for 2000 years in order to keep this book alive until now when the true nature of God needed to be revealed. Religion was an inevitable derivative from the incorrect or rather incomplete message. It is now time for that to change and for humanity to finally receive the correct information.

All the information in the Bible is relevant to this period or crossroad of our journey through space we are at right now ( or Where to from Here for a full explanation). Our increase in intelligence is the reason for our compulsion to create borders. It also warns very strongly about the 666 that could prevent the most amazing life on this planet from unfolding. The warning against our medical condition is especially significant now and cancer, especially skin cancer is becoming a noted killer if not the foremost. All the signs are there and it is up to every individual to realize that. These are the times we have been warned against for more than 2000 years. The end of the age of Pisces.

The two very distinctly different Gods mentioned in the Bible are us and the universal intelligence. Us, being the humans who had conceived the trinity that gave them the power to conceive incredible concepts and put them into practice, for example; Rothschild with the federal banking system and St. Peter with religion. It did not matter, whether the concept was correctly conceived with the greater good of humanity in mind, what mattered was that it was born, making them Demigods, the ones described in the beginning of Genesis. You are the implementers of these mind-sets or illusions based on demigod conceptions; all you have to do is realize that.

Now, to break this apart and shatter their poorly conceived concepts which have enslaved humanity it is important for majority of us to stand together with a common goal, I call it collective thought. This is where it becomes difficult. For the bulk of humanity to see this, it is necessary to take the bull by the horns and get into the public eye, hence the reason I have chosen to sue the Pope. That in turn will lead us to the end of Capitalism. To have conceived this concept, I have had to devote myself unconditionally to humanity. I have no agenda other than our freedom and this concept was conceived exactly the same way as Rothschild did it in 1666 through the teachings of King Solomon.

From here we have an amazing guide and life will become simple and easy to live once the inevitable initial shock is over. All the guidelines for a free world are written in the Proverbs of King Solomon and they are the basis of the New World Order as well. Every person is in charge of his or her own destiny and the world is your home that will be run with wisdom. Greed will not exist and real money does not have to go away at first but eventually it will. If this is the kind of world you would like to live a long and fruitful life in based on mutual respect then this is what needs to happen. To this I give myself unconditionally!


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THE PETITION: Please sign our petition against the Pope


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